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GenomNZ, New Zealand’s foremost commercial DNA testing laboratory, is accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) to the ISO 17025:2005 standard. Genomnz provides a one-stop shop for DNA testing; including parentage assignment, single-gene tests, SNP genotyping and genotyping by sequencing. The laboratory specialises in deer, sheep, goat and cattle analysis but also has expertise in aquaculture.

Genomnz DNA parentage testing is a reliable way of ensuring that pedigrees are accurately recorded to enhance genetic gain and reduce manual recording costs, an essential component for making management decisions to increase production and decrease costs associated with inbreeding and genetic diseases.

With advances in DNA genotyping technologies, GenomNZ is now offering new SNP based tests containing thousands of markers, including variants associated production traits and genetic diseases. These specific SNPs can help you to eliminate genetic disease in your herd and increase profitability by breeding animals with favourable production traits. These new tests provides high throughput genotyping and the genomic information can be used for genomic selection.

We pride ourselves on our ability to return results to clients that meet their requirements in a timely manner. We work with our clients to make sure that the results they receive really do make a difference to their breeding and recording systems. We provide a flexible service because we realise that everybody has different needs and we are always keen to talk to our clients and understand their requirements.

Genomnz is an essential part of my stud business

This gives me certainty on the pedigrees of my animals which allows me to breed and select with confidence. The service has always been very obliging and friendly and I would recommend it to every breeder who is serious about their business and wants to be part of all future developments in genetics.

John Somerville, Arawata Deer Farm, Southland

Timely and accurate results

Having a high value herd we place huge emphasis on ancestry and accurate recording. We have used Genonmz for DNA analysis for the past four years. Genonmz consistently provide us with timely and accurate results, and we believe their costs are reasonable. On occasions where we have had calves misrecorded at birth we know the staff will work closely with us looking at the possibilities, to ensure we confirm the correct parentage. We really appreciate the relationship that we have built up with their team, and know they will go the extra mile for us.

Mark Townshend
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Sheep Parentage Announcement

From spring 2017, GenomNZ will be offering to the sheep industry a SNP based parentage assay that is compatible with all sheep SNP based genotyping platforms currently available both in New Zealand and internationally. This ~800 SNP assay includes the NZ SNP parentage markers1 as well as the gene marker tests2 for GDF8 (Meat Yield …

Genomic Opportunities for the NZ Deer Herd

For 20 years GenomNZ has been offering a 16 marker microsatellite DNA test for deer parentage analysis. However, this technology is now obsolete. Genomnz is pleased to be able to offer a new SNP based parentage test, containing tens of thousands of markers. The test will be released in 2017. These are really exciting times …

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