Species We DNA Test:


Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer

tech1 The ABI 3730 is used for microsatellite genotyping and sequencing. Genomnz runs a number of microsatellite panels for parentage analysis primarily for aquaculture species.

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Sequenom MassARRAY® Compact 96 System

tech2The Sequenom system is used for SNP genotyping. Genomnz currently performs SNP genotyping for parentage analysis in sheep and cattle as well as running some custom SNP panels for other livestock species and plants.

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Illumina BeadStation (iScan System)

tech3 Used for SNP genotyping for genomic selection, genome wide association studies, methylation analysis and more. Genomnz routinely runs low density and high density assays for a number of clients for use in research or commercial applications.

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Illumina HiSeq & MiSeq Sequencers

Illumina Sequencer HiSeq AgResearch has recently acquired sequencers which will greatly enhance research and development in genomics leading to applications for improving genetic gain in primary industries.

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Liquid handling robots

Janus MantisGenomnz uses liquid handling robots to increase throughput and reduce manual handling of samples in the laboratory. Examples are; the Janus which does a range of activities from the simple, transferring DNA from tubes into a plate, to more complex procedures like adding variable amounts of TE into selected well for dilution, or cherry picking samples from selected wells across many plates and transferring them to just one plate; and the Mantis which is a compact, rapid, low volume liquid dispenser used for dispensing extremely small amounts of reagent (as small as 0.5uL) into multiple sample plates.

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