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Ear punch sampling now preferred method for Genomnz

Published on Friday, June 6th, 2014

earpunch2 Genomnz has recently made some changes to streamline sample processing and increase collaboration between other AgResearch teams.

One of these changes is the move to ear tissue punch sampling as the primary method for all testing and will be streamlining laboratory processes for this method.

“While hair and blood spot samples are appropriate for our current technology, we anticipate that the DNA technology we use will change within the next two years and ear tissue samples will be the only accepted sampling method for most of our tests,” says Genomnz Team Leader, Ed Styles

“We encourage all clients to begin using ear tissue samples immediately for the sake of collecting high quality DNA as well as other benefits such as reduced sampling time and elimination of recording errors.”

Currently the only provider of a suitable ear tissue sample collector is Allflex but it is likely that there will be other suitable products in the near future. The Allflex product is called a TSU (tissue sampling unit) and can be purchased directly from Allflex or from Genomnz.

TSUs can be linked directly to an ear tag and farmers can order paired TSUs and ear tags directly from Allflex – i.e. you can get a pack with your NAIT tag, visual tag, and TSU so that you can take the sample and remove the need for any manual recording.

Genomnz’s location has also changed; the team is now in the Christie Building on AgResearch’s Invermay campus.

The move has positioned Genomnz alongside the AgResearch Animal Genomics and Animal Reproduction teams.

“Co-location in the Centre for Reproduction and Genomics with the other Animal Productivity research teams will deliver huge benefits and provide access to world leading genomics expertise.

“The Animal Genomics research team and Genomnz conduct near identical high throughput DNA extraction (suitable quality for Sequenom, SNP chips or sequencing). Co-location allows sensible pooling of equipment and better layout for increased sample flow.”

The final change is to the Genomnz website which has been redesigned and can now be viewed on tablets and smartphones.

Further information on Genomnz or ear tissue sampling.