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easiTrace™ samplers can be used for Booroola testing in sheep only.

All that is required is a drop of blood blotted onto a piece of filter paper. The paper contains preservatives that allow the samples to be stored at room temperature. easiTrace™ samplers need to be dry before they are packaged and sent to us.

Contact Genomnz to send you the easiTrace™ samplers, these cost $1.00 per sampler.


easiTrace™ Sampling Procedure

A copy of this easiTrace™ sampling information is also available for download.

How does the label work?

Blood is blotted (not excessively) on to the blotting-paper strip on the back of the adhesive easiTrace™ label. The blood and DNA become bound into the paper. The paper contains preservatives that allow the samples to be stored at room temperature.

How to sample

  • Peel the easiTrace™ label from its backing
  • Take a blood sample using one of the following methods:
    • Prick the ear with a lancet and drip a couple of drops of blood on to the paper strip
    • Wipe the paper strip on an area of animal/meat where blood is present
  • Stick the easiTrace™ label on to the bar-coded ticket provided
  • It is preferable not to collect samples in the rain
  • Let the sample dry completely – do not let samples dry in direct sunlight.

How much to blot?


  • The amount of blood on the second sample is perfect
  • Saturating the sample with too much blood can lead to:
    • Cross-contamination from one sampler to another
    • Difficulty drying the blood sample
    • Poor blood preservation and inadequate DNA extraction

Avoid contamination

  • Make sure that hands are clean of all blood before each sample is taken
  • Clean lancet thoroughly between taking samples or use a new lancet for each sample
  • Try not to let samples come into contact with each other until the samples have dried.

What information is required?

  • Correctly record on the bar-coded ticket
    • Tag Identifier (BirthID/Herdbook ID/Registration No.)
    • Sex
  • Complete a submission form and ensure all essential animal information is provided
  • For easiTrace™ sampling kits please contact the Genomnz laboratory


  • Allow the blood to dry and store the samples dry at room temperature
  • Do not store in plastic bags because condensation can occur
  • Correctly stored samples are stable for several years and can be sent for analysis as required

Submitting easiTrace™ Samplers

See our sample submission page for information about submitting easiTrace™ samples or to download our submission form.