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Hair samples are commonly used for cattle.

The sample of approximately 20-40 hairs need to be pulled from the tail switch (cattle), or mane. The DNA is contained in the root bulb so you must ensure that the hairs you pull from the animal have follicles on the end. Hair is not an appropriate sample type to use for deceased animals.

Store hair samples in paper envelopes. Genomnz prefers you to use our pre-printed sample envelopes as they are easier to process and store. Please contact us for sample envelopes which we provide at no extra charge. If you wish to use your own envelopes please make sure they are approximately 9 x 16cm in size.

If you are submitting a lot of samples for parentage testing please group the samples according to calving/mating mobs for ease of processing and analysis.

Hair Sampling Procedure

A copy of this hair sampling information is also available for download:
Cattle hair sampling info

How to sample

Take the sample from the bottom of the tail switch (cattle), or, if this does not work, try the mane.

  • Ensure the sample area is clean
  • Pull the hairs out firmly in a smooth upward motion (against the direction of growth) Cattle hair follicles
    • The hair follicle must be present, live and intact
    • Do not cut the hair from the rump
    • Dead or broken hairs (flattened) are not suitable
    • Avoid sampling a moulting animal or an area where shedding is occurring
  • For cattle, trim the sample in order to remove any excess faecal material but make sure you leave the follicles attached
  • Place the hair in the Genomnz paper envelope provided (see below).

The follicle at the end of the hair shaft contains the DNA used for analysis in the laboratory.

 Avoid Contamination

  • Remove any loose hair from the sample area prior to sampling
  • Wipe any stray hairs from your hands before you sample each animal
  • Trim to remove faecal matter (cattle)
  • If using a crush, ensure there is no hair stuck to the sides
  • Do not collect samples if the animals are being shaved for TB test.

How much to sample?

The sample collected needs to contain 20-40 hair follicle bulbs or hooks.

What information is required?

Correctly record the animal information on the sample envelope (9.2 x 16.5cm). Genomnz can supply pre-printed envelopes including owner details.

  • Ensure essential animal information is provided, including:
    • Birth Stud
    • Tag identifier – Birth Tag and/or Current Tag (deer), Birth ID/AB Code/Registration No. (cattle)
    • Year of birth
    • Sex
  • Complete a sample submission form with clear instructions so we can process the samples without delay
  • For sample envelopes please contact the Genomnz laboratory.

Storage and transport

  • Store the samples dry at room temperature
  • Do not store in plastic bags because condensation can occur
  • Correctly stored samples are stable for several years and can be sent for analysis as required.

Submitting Hair Samples

See our sample submission page for information about submitting hair samples or to download our submission form.