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  • Parentage Analysis

    DNA parentage testing is a valuable tool which allows breeders to select elite animals within their stud with confidence, knowing that their ancestry is correct. Breeders can use this information to help fast track genetic progress and confirm parentage when selling elite animals. It increases the validity and value of a pedigree and is essential …

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  • Identity Test

    Proves a sample came from a particular animal An identity test is used to identify that a DNA sample belongs to a particular animal. We use the same marker panel that we have for parentage testing for identity testing purposes. The applications for this service include identifying animals that have lost their tag, insurance of …

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  • Booroola

    Sheep Services – Booroola Booroola Fecundity Gene Test (FecB) The Booroola or FecB gene increases the ovulation rate and the number of lambs born in sheep. DNA testing by Genomnz can identify whether animals have zero, one, or two copies of the Booroola fecundity gene. The Booroola or FecB gene was first identified from analysis …

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  • SNP Genotyping

    Genome-wide Genotyping – Illumina BeadStation (iScan System) We are an accredited service provide for Illumina’s Infinium assay using the Illumina BeadStation. Illumina’s Infinium assay is designed to interrogate thousands of SNPs and can be used for genome-wide genotyping applications such as whole-genome association studies, genome-wide selection, determining genetic merit, identifying quantitative trait loci and comparative …

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  • Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (BLAD)

    BLAD is a genetic defect affecting white blood cell function which causes extreme susceptibility to infection. Genomnz can test for the mutation in the CD18 gene that causes leukocyte adhesion deficiency in Holstein cattle. Bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency (BLAD) is a recessive disease and results in an affected animal’s white blood cells failing to attach …

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  • Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM)

    CVM is a genetic defect that causes aborted foetuses and stillborn calves. Genomnz can identify bovine carriers of CVM by testing for a specific mutation in the SLC35A3 gene. Complex vertebral malformation (CVM) is a recessive disease and most affected animals are either aborted as foetuses during gestation, born prematurely, or stillborn. The defect is …

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  • DNA Bank

    Genomnz has the facilities to receive and store DNA samples long-term. Samples are often destroyed during the extraction process and Genomnz will only store the DNA from samples until testing is complete after which time it may be destroyed. If you require samples/DNA stored for use in the future please ensure that you contact Genomnz …

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