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Genomnz provides a fast and efficient service for DNA parentage testing for cattle. DNA testing will increase accuracy in your herd records allowing you to maximise genetic gain and reduce manual recording costs. With the increased accuracy of your records, you will be able to make better breeding and management decisions, keeping the best animals to increase the value of your herd.

As of 1st of September 2017, Genomnz will be introducing a more advanced Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) based profiling technology. This will improve the power of our parentage analysis as well as future proofing our testing. This 10K SNP includes the 200 SNPS from ISAG parentage panel as well as specific genetic defects and production traits currently under validation. These tests will allow you to make selection decisions to eliminate genetic diseases from your herd and increase profitability by selecting for animals with favourable production traits.

This new technology is compatible with the “current” 100 ISAG parentage panel, however, it is not backwards-compatible with the microsatellite technology used prior to 2016.

The services offered by Genomnz for cattle include:

See our sample submission page for information about submitting cattle samples for any of the above services or to download our submission form.