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Pedigree recording is essential to any stud breeding business. Because recording errors are known to occur a DNA pedigree verification process is a valuable tool. Such verification ensures breeders are getting the maximum amount of genetic progress from their breeding programme and provides the added benefit of purchaser confidence. Because human interference at calving may result in mis-mothering and cross suckling is common, it was recognised early on by the Deer industry that a “hands off” approach to pedigree recording through DNA testing was more accurate.

Genomnz offers a comprehensive DNA parentage testing service to suit the needs of all breeders. With DNA parentage testing you can reduce the costs associated with the intensive management required during mating and calving and still make confident management decisions to ensure you retain the best performing animals in your herd. DNA parentage testing by Genomnz can also help to solve confusing cases of unknown parentage.

Our method for collecting deer samples is by taking an ear punch sample. We also accept semen and blood samples.

Genomnz offers a new SNP based parentage test available since January 2017. Please see Information Sheet New SNP Test for more details.

The services offered by Genomnz for deer include:

See our sample submission page for information about submitting deer samples for any of the above services or to download our submission form.