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Sheep Parentage Announcement


This spring, GenomNZ will offer again to the sheep industry a SNP based parentage assay that is compatible with all sheep SNP based genotyping platforms currently available both in New Zealand and internationally.

This upgraded ~16,000 assay includes the NZ SNP parentage markers1 as well as the gene marker tests2 for GDF8 (Meat Yield and Fat Yield), GDF9 (Number of Lambs Born), BCO2 (yellow fat), BMP15/FecX (Fecundity) Booroola, Micropthalmia and a series of other SNP markers currently under validation.

Genetest Information Sheet

This Parentage Plus assay requires receipt of ear punch tissue in the preferred Allflex tissue sampling unit (TSU).

In addition to getting parentage, single gene tests, ownership of the DNA & genotypes, the genotypes will be made available to your provider of choice for genomic selection. In a single assay, you will get the information required to make a selection/breeding decision.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss Sheep Parentage Plus SNP genotyping with you to suit your requirements.

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