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Support & FAQ

What is the best sample type to use?

Genomnz is moving to ear punch samples which are now our preferred sample type. See the ear punch sample page for more information or contact us if you want to talk about using this method. It is important that ear punch samples are frozen as soon as possible after collection and remain frozen until couriered to the laboratory.

How do I store hair samples?

Hair samples should be stored in paper envelopes in a dry area out of direct sunlight. Provided the samples are kept dry and out of sunlight they will remain viable for a number of years.

If I send you semen for DNA testing, does it need to be sent in liquid nitrogen?

No, as long as the samples remain cold they do not need to be kept in liquid nitrogen. Semen straws should be sent in a hard casing to avoid breakage during transit.

If I use full brothers as sires will DNA testing accurately identify their offspring?

Our tests are usually powerful enough to separate progeny from full brothers if we are completing full parentage to both sire and dam, however we do not recommend it.

How long will testing take?

Our standard turnaround time for most species isĀ four weeks from the time we receive samples into the laboratory. We can deliver results urgently for a small surcharge. Please contact us for further information.

How much will testing cost?

The price we charge is dependent on the type of test, number of samples, and species that you wish to test. Please give us a call to discuss pricing for your situation.